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Services we offer

Due to our extensive experience in research and training, CINQUIFOR has the capacity to offer several services.

Scientific rigor. We are a proven research group with a reputation for the quality of our work.

Extensive experience in research, researcher training, training of professionals and R&D management.

Transfer of results.

We pursue the generation of social and industrial wealth, for which we transfer the knowledge acquired to our collaborators.


Interpretation of results

Interpretation of analytical results, with more experience in those obtained through spectrometric and separation techniques.

Overview of our services

Data treatment

Data mining, statistical and multivariate analysis and interpretation of data from various experimental, consumer and categorical studies.


Preparation of projects

We have experience in drawing up proposals and preparing consortia for the implementation of projects, both national and international.


Scientific advice

We provide scientific advice in the field of Chemical Sciences, Forensics, Pharmaceuticals, Colloids and Food Technologies.

Ease of incorporation.

We are an open group with the capacity to receive new students and researchers from various programmes, backgrounds, levels, scientific interests and objectives: Erasmus+ traineeship, doctoral students, post-docs...


Our philosophy of mutual benefit allows us to use other facilities and resources, reaching agreements with our collaborators and partners, despite the fact that our nerve centre is located at the University of Alcalá. Our laboratories are equipped with several of our own instrumental equipment, and we also have several computer solutions.
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Facilities and equipment

Equipment and


At CINQUIFOR we have basic and unique facilities. We carry out our research activity in three laboratories of the University of Alcalá, located in the Science-Biology, Multipurpose Chemistry and Pharmacy Buildings.
Grupo de investigación de la Universidad de Alcalá